Filing Dutch tax returns
In The Netherlands, husband and spouse are taxed separately on labour income (like a salary). On your Dutch salary Dutch wage withholding tax will be withheld. This can be considered as a preliminary payment of income tax finally due after filing the income tax return.
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30% ruling
Foreign employees hired by a Dutch company can be entitled to the so-called 30% tax ruling. Under this ruling, 30% of your gross income is being paid without any taxes withheld on that part, so your nett spendable income is much higher.
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US tax returns
Witlox ITA is an expert in US tax returns, federal as well as state. A quote can be given upon request. US citizens and greencard holders are obliged to file a US tax return eventhough they are not working nor living in the US.
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Expert in expat taxing

If you are a foreign employee working in The Netherlands and you need tax advice, you‘re looking for someone reliable and professional. Someone, who knows all the ins and outs of international taxes. Witlox International Tax Advice is an expert in international taxation. Founder Maurice Witlox studied Economics at the University of Tilburg and Fiscal Economics at the School for Economic Studies in Arnhem.

After having worked for several tax advice companies, he became tax adviser for expats at the fiscal department of the global head office of Philips Electronics 5 years later, in 2000, he started his own tax company.

Witlox ITA can handle all tax issues of foreign employees working in The Netherlands. This includes tax advice and the filing of income tax returns and requests for application of the so-called 30% tax ruling. Witlox ITA is known for its personal approach with a one-on-one contact, due to the small office. Moreover, it enables Witlox ITA to be more flexible and to offer very competitive rates.

Want to know what Witlox ITA can do for you or your company? Feel free to contact me. Nice to meet you!

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